Monday, November 10, 2008

Flex / AS3 Tweening

I can't believe I haven't given a shout out to TweenLite before.  I love it.  Absolutely, love it.  For the only reason you should need to use TweenLite over Flash's built in Tween, Tweener, ZigoEngine (Fuse), Twease, HydroTween, or gTween, see this speed comparison.  

The second great part about TweenLite is that it is dead simple to use., howLongToTween, { propsToTween ... callbacks });

Ridiculously simple to integrate into any project.

I only have one complaint:  When I haven't tweened in a few days, I always forget that the duration for a TweenLite is represented in secconds, not milliseconds.  Usually, it takes me about 5 minutes to remember, since my Tween didn't happen when I wanted and instead happened 300 seconds later as I was staring at my screen wondering what the hell I messed up.  I get that it's a convenience thing, but to me it's inconvenient.  If TweenLite durations were specified in milliseconds, I think I'd gain 1000* 60 * 5 * 7 back to my week.

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