Thursday, January 10, 2008

Update and things to come

Been a while since I've posted. To update, I was swamped working on my latest project, Kingmaker, but there should be a flurry of blog posts soon as I have a backlog of ideas I want to write about.

In other good news, I was introduced to an awesome program for OS X called Journler, which has become one of my most frequently used programs due to its versatility and thus my ability to use it practically however I want. It is now my second most recommended download for OS X following Quicksilver.

I finally upgraded my Apple MacBook Pro to 3GB of RAM. I have had 2GB since I first got it. Although that was fine for a while, I discovered that attempting to run Netbeans, Adobe Flex Builder, and Photoshop with the usual accompaniment of Apple Mail, web browsers, iChat, and iTunes resulted in a ridiculously high degree of paging and significantly decreased my productivity as I sat there waiting to switch between programs or waiting for programs to start and exit.

Adding the additional RAM made an incredible difference and my productivity has been much the better for it. I only wish that I could have 4GB... which brings to mind that I debated putting in a matched pair of 2GB sticks knowing that my MBP actually supports up to 3.3GB. Ultimately, I decided the extra 0.3GB and having a matched pair was not worth the price of the stick. I had debated moving to 3GB knowing that doing so would mean not having a matched pair and thus losing the 6-8% performance increase recorded for using a matched pair in MBPs. I reasoned that the decrease in paging to move from 2GB to 3GB would significantly outweigh the performance increase from a matched pair and my experience thus far with 3GB has confirmed this.

Blogs to look forward to soon:

1) The continuation of my series on setting up a glassfish cluster and mysql cluster.

2) Effectively and safely packing JavaScript files (including Prototype and Scriptaculous) using the pack:tag JSP-Taglib.

3) My attempts to use HA-JDBC on my glassfish cluster as a way of load balancing requests to the SQL nodes in my MySQL cluster.

4) Using Quartz for scheduling in Glassfish.

5) A Glassfish Admin GUI JDBCRealm bug that affects the containers ability to detect and pick up changes to the realm security.

6) Prototype specific IE6 JavaScript quirks.

7) Minifying DWR

8) Clustered second-level caching with JPA and Hibernate in my glassfish cluster. My 24-hour attempt to use JBoss TreeCache, and the subsequent 30-minute solution using Ehcache.

... But not necessarily in that order.

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